Bob Burton has been handling my wife’s and my life insurance needs, as well as our three daughters’ life insurance policies, for about 15 years, most of it in connection with our estate planning. He has always achieved outstanding results. I have found him to be one of the smartest and most professional, thorough, and honest life insurance agents I have ever come in contact with. He was particularly helpful working with our estate planning attorney making sure that our most complicated estate planning documents were as perfect as they could be. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone who needs or could benefit from life insurance.
Gerald F., Real Estate Investor, Oakland, CA

Bob Burton is truly one of a kind! As a center of deep knowledge, industry experience, professional integrity, and life wisdom, he is an invaluable resource to estate planners, tax professionals, and life insurance producers. And beneath his humble and quiet demeanor lies an energetic performer, a witted wordsmith and singer, who lights up the room with his smile and humor.
After 15 years in the insurance and investment advisory business, I continue learning from Bob on every occasion and love our conversations. Thanks Bob!
Roman P., Financial Planner and RIA, San Francisco, CA

Bob Burton is the most sophisticated insurance advisor with whom I have worked. His knowledge is deep, and he communicates it in English.
Jeff E., Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

It is with great pleasure that I extol the virtues and strengths of Bob Burton, who has helped me to better manage and develop comprehensive life and long-term care insurance plans for myself and my family. I have worked with Bob and his associates since I first went into business, and he has spent untold time to establish, amend, and enhance my life and long-term care insurance solutions as I have gotten older. I am very confident that, with his help and guidance, I have put in place a firm plan for the future generations in my family. Over the years, my family’s needs have changed, and so have the insurance industries. Bob has continued to review, reposition, and recommend changes to my Estate Plan. His knowledge of the law and the tax implications of gifting have helped me to be secure in my overall planning. I firmly believe that Bob’s first concern has always been for my family’s needs, and he has always given me options that have allowed me to choose a direction best suited for my situation at that moment in time.
Charles R., Retired Businessman, Alamo, CA

I have had the professional pleasure of working with Bob Burton for more than twenty-five
years on common clients and can state with full confidence that no insurance agent is more
comprehensive in his or her approach to designing the most complete coverage for a client
without regard to what’s best for the agent’s commission. Few agents are as technically
proficient as Bob.
Alan S., Business & Estate Planning Attorney, San Francisco, CA

Dear Bob Burton, thank you for your efforts in orchestrating such a successful outcome in an
unusual situation with my recent Life Insurance Policies. You provided problem solving at its
finest! I am appreciative of your continued support and customer service over the years.
Howard B., Architect, St.Helena, CA

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