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College tuition is at an all-time high, and paying it by going into debt creates a heavy long-term burden. We have unique products that help families plan ahead for meeting college costs without adversely affecting their ability to obtain financial aid. At Burton Insurance Services, our goal is to help young people attend college, obtaining success both during and after college years.

Regardless of your income level, we have options available that include college funding solutions. We assist you in choosing from different vehicles, such as lump sum investments or periodic payments. We work with you to find answers that fit within your budget, while still offering significant returns on your investment.

Our college funding solutions can benefit you in ways besides paying for college. If needed, the tax deferred benefits can be accessed tax-free during college years, Thereafter, ongoing product benefits can be accessed for retirement or other financial needs. In order to maintain all of the product's tax advantages, it is important to preserve an ultimate death benefit. This flexibility provides a huge advantage whether you start for a child who is young or for yourself to enhance your and your family's long-term financial stability.

At Burton Insurance Services, we provide funding solutions so that children are not left with large amounts of debt after graduating college. We have options that suit your lifestyle, whether in Mill Valley, CA, or other areas. Our goal is to educate so that smart decisions can be made when planning for the future. Set up a consultation with Bob Burton today!

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